Smoke & Fire - World #1 Back to Back

Sale! Smoke & Fire - World #1 Back to Back

Smoke & Fire - World #1 Back to Back

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WORLD #1 (2015 and 2016) - "Best Chipotle BBQ Sauce" World Hot Sauce Awards 2015 / 2016.

THIS IS IT, This is our signature sauce. Designed after we stumbled across some smoked salt and dried olive product, we thought I wonder what would happen if this went in there...

And the result was our best seller and world number one. With a beautiful smoke base that's still subtle, offset with a smoked salt and the not so secret ingredient of dried black olive past. The finished product was designed for pulled pork, but goes amazing with anything that calls for a touch of smoke and acidity with a difference. It's not sweet, so is a perfect contribution to your pantry along side our other Sweet Smokey Barbecue products.


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