Liquid Smoke - Hickory 150ml

Liquid Smoke - Hickory 150ml


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Liquid Smoke.. (No Chilli) Smell it.. that aroma. It's really a lazy mans way to get that beautiful "just been smoked" smell.
This is what we use in our smoky sauces, and now you can too.
Our Hickory flavour perfectly complements any meat product. Or, maybe mix a bit through your mayonnaise for an addition to your burger.
Simply put, this is easy, really easy. In our 150ml spray bottle, a few spritzes over the top of a steak in the pan or grill and you're immediately in smokey heaven.
Liquid Smoke is all natural. A fire, smoke, blown through a coil and let condense and the resulting liquid contains all the smoke particles that you'd get from a hot smoke cooking process.. just this is a lot easier and quicker.
Yes, it's the 'lazy' way to go about it, but if you can't afford a big smoker or can't light a fire in your apartment, then this is the answer for you.
A few spritzes per steak, or 5-10ml per litre of Sauce or Mayonnaise


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