We're constantly pushing for that awesome balance between salt, sweet, acid and heat.

Our products range from Mild through to Insane, but we always aim to bring the balance, and then 

push the products in the direction our customers ask for....

Mild, Medium, Hot, Really Hot, Insane.

Sweet or Savoury.

Smokey or not Smokey, 

The Best Family Friendly Hot Sauce Range you've ever experienced!!

And if you're one of those HOT HEADS who's searching for that ultimate buzz..  the mega kick.. 

the Hallucinations that come with high end pain...   

Check out our HALLUCINATOR..    it's the ultimate endorphin "experience".

We also offer a range of different services.



White Label (Our Product...  Your Logo)

Wedding and Party Branding


About Us

Back in 2010 we dropped a few birdseye chilli seeds on to some cotton wool.  A science experiment for my boy.  It worked and they grew well.  Really well.  So we had heaps of fruit and no idea what to do with it.  After a bit of research, some trial and error (lots), we hit on a couple of nicely balanced sauces.  

I gave a few bottles to some friends and they said

"why don't you sell it?"

And that my friends is where it all started..........


We're ALWAYS open  24 x 7


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