Smoke & Fire - World #1 Back to Back

Smoke & Fire - World #1 Back to Back


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Our WORLD #1
"Best Chipotle BBQ Sauce" World Hot Sauce Awards 2015 / 2016.

THIS IS IT, This is our signature sauce.  Designed as a change to the Sweet BBQ sauces that adorn many market shelves, this is just different.
A little more savoury than sweet.  Acidic, Salty, Smokey and Smooth. 

Originally designed for our Pulled Pork, it adds a smokey acidic salty touch, but none of that sticky sweetness that some sauces have. 
If you are looking for a Sweet Sticky BBQ - try our Mild Barbecue Onion or our Hotter Garlice and Rosemary BBQ Sauce..  Both super sticky and designed for the table, or as a finishing glaze over your ribs, wings, steaks and burgers. 


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